Meet the Team: Emma

Meet Emma, another one of our Spring Interns this year.

Hometown: Chicago, IL

3 words to describe you: Hungry, Silly, Open-Minded

Coffee style: Dirty Chai Latte

Most-used Emoji: 😍

If you could only eat one thing… what would it be? Pizza

What inspires you? My mom inspires me!

Spend a day in someone else’s shoes:Ruth Bader Ginsburg- What an incredible life she has lived! I admire her tenacity in creating a just space for all people, and she’s the epitome of Girl Power.

Surprise us! I LOVE going to the dentist. It’s not a favorite for most people, so I suppose it’s strange that I love it so much.

Top Travel Destinations: Greece, Italy, Australia

Best advice you’ve ever been given:The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would want to be treated.