Seasonal Content Tips for Your Brand

Any good PR strategy includes a flexible content plan that lines up with the time of year. It’s not necessarily just the holiday season that we’re talking about, but any time that could influence your audience’s needs and desires for the type of content they consume.


As a company, providing helpful and valuable content all throughout the year is an excellent way to nurture your relationship with consumers. It shows viewers that they can trust your brand to be relevant and aware of their needs. Here are two tips for making quality seasonal content that your audience wants to see.


Always Tie it Back to Your Brand

Whether you’re a wellness company planning content for people making New Year’s resolutions, a candy company posting in October, or a flower company prepping for Mother’s day — make sure the seasonal content is aligned with your product or service. It may seem obvious, but without a clear social media or communication strategy, it’s easy to think that your brand should address any and all holidays.


Take the time to think through what times of year are the hottest for your sales and if there are any other seasons you’re missing out on. If you’re a clothing company, are you optimizing content during the fall for back to school shopping? Gather your team and look at all the possible angles of seasons that can be tied into your brand.


Add a Personal Touch 

Last year, 87% of people surveyed said they plan to shop online during the holidays. This year, we can expect similar numbers as society becomes more and more comfortable with a digital, instantly accessible world. Any good PR plan will recognize that a generic post wishing your audience a happy holiday season is not enough to stand out. 


As consumers flock to their phones this upcoming season, remember to add your company’s own spin on any holiday content. Instead of posting a bland “happy holidays” message with a stock photo, try adding a photo of your staff or office space. Have a company mascot or office dog that you can post a photo of? Even better. You can also sweeten the deal for viewers by adding information about any sales you’ll be running. Give scrollers a reason to pause from the tons of other content they’re viewing and look at what you’ve posted.


To conclude, whatever the hot season may be for your specific brand, take the time to plan out your content and be sure it’s providing value to consumers. Resist the temptation to be generic and follow the crowds of posting generic messages for every holiday. The extra effort you put in towards making a seasonal piece of content personal and customized to your brand, will be worth it. Trust us!


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