How to Network on Twitter

Network on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for networking with other professionals in your industry as well as potential clients. These three tips will help you turn your networking game up a notch.

1. Brainstorm who you want to be connected with

By creating a Twitter list of accounts of people and businesses you want to network with you’ll be able to watch their tweets and more easily jump into their conversations. After creating your list it’s important to revisit it frequently so that you can constantly be interacting with them with those accounts. They’ll start to take notice and from there you can start to establish a working relationship. Another great thing about lists is that you can create more than one depending on how you want to network for them. For example you could have a list of potential business partners and another list for current clients.

2. Ask questions and follow up

Asking questions are a great way to develop strong relationships because it allows users to engage with your content. You can ask questions either by send out a general question to your entire network or you can send the question to one or two users. An important part of asking questions though is showing that you care about the answer, so whenever you do ask a question make sure you take the time to follow up when someone answers either by retweeting them, replying to them or even just favoriting the tweet.

3. Be valuable

Being valuable will be different for each of us depending on our industry, our target consumer and our goal for using Twitter. Try to reflect what your target audience would want to see in their newsfeed and you’ll become an account that’s important to them.