A New iPhone App That Monitors Your Cell Phone Use: Helpful or Harmful in the PR World?

new iphone app

The cell phone addiction is real in the PR industry. Even just thinking about not having it right next to us, causes major panic and anxiety. The first step is admitting you have a problem, the second is downloading the new iphone app “Moment.”

Moment is new free app designed to monitor just how much you are using your phone daily. It runs in the background for a few days to collect data on how much time you spend texting, Tweeting, Facebook-stalking, etc.

From there you are encouraged to set a time limit for daily spending (think: 60 mins). Monitor will notify you when you have reached your halfway mark and then another notification when you’re about to reach your limit. However here’s where true self-control comes into play; if you pass that final mark, you will receive one more warning, and then your phone completely powers off. Shut down, cold-turkey.

If you’re brave enough to look at the damage, we applaud you. And if you can control yourself after the halfway mark, well then you’re our hero.