5 Tips for Staying Calm While Moving to a New Office

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The team at BLND PR are so excited to finally be settled into the new office space! Despite how hectic moving can be, it is such a great feeling when your new office finally feels like home. We want to share with you, from personal experience, our 5 top tips for staying calm when moving to a new office.

1. Create a Timeline
Before you start packing up your old office, create a timeline of your moving process. Be sure to include the deadline that you have to be out of your old space, when your phone and internet will be able to transfer, as well as your official move-in date to make your transition as seamless as possible.

2. Declutter
Moving offices provides the perfect opportunity to finally throw away the receipt from the first trash can you ever bought your office. After events, photoshoots and client packages start to add up, use moving as a chance to get rid of anything that is not essential for the daily function of your business.

3. Stay organized
Through the hustle and bustle of throwing things away and tossing items in boxes, it can be very easy to lose important things. Be sure to label your boxes and keep your most important things together. Also, be sure that your entire team is in close communication throughout the moving process so nothing slips through the cracks.

4. Be Patient
Challenges often come up when moving. Your timeline may not go as planned and you will likely encounter hurdles along the way, like your phone lines not working as quickly as you’d like. Try your best to be patient throughout the moving process. Have faith: It will soon be complete!

5. Remember the “Why”
Always remember why you made the decision to move your business to begin with. At times when the stress seems like too much to handle, remember that you are making a move that will be beneficial to your clients, yourself and your entire team!