The New Rules of Beauty PR

The landscape of public relations is ever changing thanks to the internet and social media. The traditional beauty ads with flawless supermodels and heavily-edited photos don’t work anymore, since audiences are demanding more authentic, natural content. 

As a beauty public relations agency, it is essential for us to understand the changes in the beauty industry to ensure that our brands are up-to-date with the latest trends. To ensure they are getting the best possible exposure, follow these three rules of beauty public relations that will take your brands to the top.

RULE #1: Influencer > Celebrity

As most of us know by now, influencer marketing is one of the biggest tactics in public relations lately. Since influencers have smaller and more loyal audiences, they are a great liaison for brands to reach targeted consumers. Especially in the beauty industry, influencers can help your brand get widespread exposure in a more authentic, personable way, more so than traditional celebrity endorsements.

RULE #2: Be an Expert in Ingredients

Especially in cosmetics, it is essential for public relations professionals to be informed about what ingredients are in the products that you are writing about. Whether it is a question on social media or an inquiry from the media, understanding exactly what ingredients are in the formula and what they do will help you craft well-written responses without misinforming the public.

RULE #3: Lay Off the Photoshop

Since the birth of social media, creating visual content has become so important for brands, especially in the beauty industry. However, most people are getting tired of overly-edited photos of flawless models advertising the latest skincare and makeup products. Following the likes of brands like Glossier, who post photos of actual users looking stunning with minimal editing.

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