Nonprofit Social Media: What you need to know.

nonprofit social media

In today’s society more people are likely to engage with others via the internet than to stop on the street and talk to a random guy holding a clipboard! Nonprofits have to engage with the public through social media to stand any chance of reaching a wider and younger audience. Luckily there are many positive ways a charity can make a huge impression through utilizing the computer….

Real time events – People feel connected to others when they see current events unfolding in real time and consistent material being shared. Over 40% of Twitter users now claim the site is their main source of news material. A charity should therefore keep their nonprofit social media audience updated with information and build connections by retweeting and mentioning other users.

Build the story – Facebook is great for nonprofits to share a lot more information and personal stories. The site is great for holding both pictures and videos, as well as administrative details on the charity and applicable posts. People can share a link on their own account and ‘like’ multiple posts very quickly. It is a good platform to engage with the public on a deeper level.

Go viral – I know it’s a lot easier said than done, but it’s not impossible! Creating something unique and engaging can work wonders for a charity. For nonprofit social media using a site like YouTube is fantastic in making something simple but compelling. They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ so create a powerful video diary or fundraising skit and you’ll soon get people reaching for their purse to donate or visiting your site find ways to get involved!