Our Favorite Brand Activations From 2019

Brand activations are those interesting, creative ads and PR stunts that we occasionally see from companies. Moreover, activations are typically blended with a social media strategy to get the public interested in a brand’s product and check them out. Above all, it’s a campaign, event or interaction.

By piquing interest through your brand activation and developing your social media strategy, you’ll be able to increase awareness and engagements for your brand. Here are a few of our favorite brand activations that happened last year.


The smallest McDonald’s in the world is a fully functional beehive

Buzz, buzz. Watch out for bees! A McDonald’s in Sweden revealed a miniature version of the classic restaurant in the form of a fully functional beehive!

Not only is the beehive adorable, but the replica is complete with drive-thru windows, seating, signs and open air tables. Therefore, the fast food company is calling this hive ‘the smallest McDonald’s in the world’.

National Geographic – Missing Cat

This interesting piece, commissioned by National Geographic, appeared in London’s Paternoster Square as a tangible reminder of the world’s dwindling big cat population.

The artwork was created to disappear slowly over time – a moving reminder that lion populations are dwindling. Moreover, the poster provided a strong call-to-action for the public to visit their website to make a difference. Click here to watch their video of National Geographics – Disappearing Missing Cats Campaign.

Diet Coke is removing its own labels to start a conversation about labels

A limited-edition run of label-less Diet Coke cans were being introduced at events and festivals over the Summer in the U.S – including Essence Fest, Girlboss Rally and Pride parades in Los Angeles and New York City. 

This campaign imagined a world without imposed labels, and promoted diversity and inclusion. Moreover, Coke sparked conversations about labels and what it means to live in a world of accepted self-expression. 


So, if you didn’t know what a brand activation was before reading this, now you do. Brand activations are everywhere you look. 

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