Prepping For A Content Shoot: A Social Media Agency’s TOP Tips

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Content shoots are SO exciting when building a client’s social media presence.  But in order to have a successful shoot, our team has to be on their A-Game!  Building the right team, creating a great shot list, and doing plenty of research will make or break your content shoot.  As a social media agency, these are our TOP tips for anyone to have a successful shoot!


Prep Your Shot List

During a shoot, the last thing you want to be is unprepared!  Creating a detailed shot list is extremely helpful to ensure you capture your essential content. And remember, the more content ideas the better (even if you don’t end up using it all)!  In our shot lists, we first need to consider what type of media the client wants and what platforms it will be used on.  This could include: photos, trending short-form content, founder talks, or even just simple B-roll footage paired with voice-over. 

Once we’ve determined the media they want, we need to think about the schedule.   Time flies during shoots although they can be quite lengthy!  It’s important to have a schedule of the day to keep track of what shoots to make sure you’ve captured all the important content!  Pro tip: if you’re using natural lighting, the lighting changes throughout the day, so keep in mind the time of day  for each shot you’re taking!  Lastly, think about who will be in charge of what type of content.  Assigning roles or tasks to each person is a great way to organize everything that needs to be done on the day of!  That way, time isn’t wasted by trying to figure out a gameplan on the spot.  Now that you’ve prepped your shots and your team, we need to prep our client!


Prep Your Client 

When doing a shoot for our client, we always place ourselves in their shoes.  Remember that building a social media presence for their business is a big deal and they’ll want to ensure that their brand is being best represented.  They may have lots of questions or perhaps they could be nervous.  It’s important that we understand who our client is and anticipate any questions they could have- you never know, it could even be their first content shoot! One pro tip is always having  examples on-hand to make communication more efficient, especially when directing them in video content. Some of our clients LOVE having visual examples because sometimes, they may be unaware of how a trend works without seeing it first.  We also do our best to make the client feel comfortable with us!  As a social media agency, our content should feel natural, not staged or forced.  So when your client feels comfortable with your team, it will show through the videos! 


Be Flexible! 

And of course, anticipate anything. No matter how much you prep, something could always come up.  Perhaps you forget a charger or maybe it starts to rain.  During any content shoot, we all have the mindset of being adaptable and open to change.  A big aspect to content shoots is time budgeting, how we can use our time efficiently to get the content we need.  Be flexible and open to change if you notice a shot is taking way too long to execute.  It may be better to move on to something else!  And perhaps there could be a change of ideas!  Maybe our client is inspired by something on-set that you didn’t add to your shot list. Be open to testing new ideas  if you think it’s worth trying.  


With these tips, you’re ready to take on your next shoot with confidence! Click here to learn how we craft top tier social media content for our clients!