Using Trello for Social Media Marketing

Here at BLND as a social media marketing firm in LA our go-to tool for all things social media is Trello. While we do use Trello for several other tasks, we’ve found it one of the best and most effective tools when it comes to keeping organized and consistent for our clients on social media. Today we’ll be sharing with you 3 ways we use Trello as a social media marketing firm in LA on a daily basis.

1. Collaboration Made Easy – As a social media marketing firm in LA there is a lot of cross collaboration amongst our team for different clients. The most important feature we’re looking for in a marketing tool is that multiple team members can easily work on a project together easily. What we love most about Trello is that it allows for more than one person to join a board. For social media management this makes it extremely easy for different team members to review, edit and collaborate on daily posts and social media plans. There is even a comments section where you can send a direct message to an individual member of the board.

2. Cohesive Instagram Feed – While there are scheduling programs such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social for other social media platforms, Instagram has yet to allow a third party to post. We’ve turned to Trello to plan our daily Instagram posts as it allows you to add the photo, draft the caption and easily transfer the post using the mobile app. Even though it doesn’t look exactly like the Instagram feed, it gives enough of the general look that we are able to see how photos look grouped together and if the feed is cohesive.

3. Content Creation – When it comes to social media marketing, creating original and unique content is king. For most brands this means constant photo shoots to establish a library of content to choose from on a daily basis. We use Trello to plan those photo shoots. Having our shot list on Trello lets us easily categorize the type of photos we want to capture (i.e. action shots vs. venue shots) and the mobile app lets all members of the team have those examples on hand to utilize and lead us during the actual shoot. Using your time efficiently during a photo shoot can be the key to building more content and keeping your photographer happy!

Staying organized is one of the most important tools for being a successful social media marketing firm in LA. Having a program like Trello on your side can benefit your team and take your social media efforts to the next level. Stay tuned for more ways we use Trello in our office on a daily basis!