Meet the Team: Spring 2024 Interns!

boutique public relations agency

Let us introduce you to our Spring 2024 interns! Interns at BLND play a major role in aiding the success of the team. A boutique public relations agency, like BLND, is forever growing and changing. An internship at BLND is a great way to engage yourself in PR and learn from the best in LA.  Additionally, the  BLND team continuously relies on their interns to assist in the team’s tasks. Some days the interns will be asked to complete media lists, write pitches, and create content for their clients. Other days they will be involved in clients’ social media accounts, establish graphics for Instagram and tons more ! Let’s get to know our interns below ! 


Amelia Fong 

Schools: Franklin University Switzerland and University of Southern California 

Major: Communications

Hobbies and interests: I love traveling throughout Europe and visiting friends there! When I travel, I love taking photos with my Fujifilm, blogging, and eating of course! With that, I also spend a lot of my downtime practicing my languages skills (French, Italian, and Spanish) since I love chatting with locals when I travel. In my free-time, you’ll also catch me playing piano, composing music, writing, and figure skating.

Hopes and dreams: My career dream is to work in travel PR! And my personal dream is to keep traveling, see the world, and take a long road-trip throughout Italy/Switzerland!

What I want out of my experience with BLND: I’m looking to have a well-rounded experience with each specialty at BLND and see which area I’m drawn to most! I also want to understand how a boutique public relations agency is run and how the team works together to serve their clients. I would love to work at a PR agency after this and one day… a travel PR agency! 


Mia Solano 

School: California State University, Long Beach.

Major: Public Relations Major with a minor in Communications.

Hobbies and interests: I love to travel and I am a big foodie ! I have a food instagram account and love to travel around the LA/OC area trying hidden food gem spots while sharing my experience on social media! I believe food connects cultures around the world and is a great way to bring people together!

Hopes and dreams: My career dream would be to travel the world while also doing PR. A personal dream would be to a traveling food critic. 

What I want out of my experience with BLND: This is my first public relations internship so I would love to continue to grow my knowledge on how a boutique public relations agency is run. I want to leave this internship knowing the ins and outs of PR. My goal is to find my specialty and passion in public relations either on the social media side or the writing side.


Ryley Wheeler

School: California State University Dominguez Hills 

Major: Communications Advertising & Public Relations 

Hobbies and interests: Traveling, fashion, playing with my cats, being creative, podcasts and long beach walks!

Hopes and dreams: Owning a company one day that will fill all my creative needs! My secret dream would be to own a coffee shop. 

What I want out of my experience with BLND: I look at this internship as a master class to learn from such knowledgeable people in the industry ! I want to leave knowing everything I can about social media and public relations and use it for my future endeavors ! 


Internships create a valuable experience to grow your expertise in the field. To learn more about a boutique public relations agency internship click here !