How To Create A Cohesive Social Media Feed

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When it comes to content creation for social media, it can be challenging to know where to start. There are thousands of ways to show off your brand, from stylized product photography to timely TikTok trends. However, regardless of content style, it’s essential to  keep your content on brand. A cohesive social media feed showcases your identity, values and personality just from looking at the page. As a social media management firm, we’ve learned how to create a consistent brand identity on social media, even when using different kinds of content. Here’s how you can get started. 


Choose a color family, and stick to it 

Chances are, your brand already has a color palette it uses for its logo, website and packaging. When possible, use these same colors in your social media content. Graphics and design elements in your content should definitely be in brand colors and aligned with your look. For owned photography in which the colors are bound to be a little hard to control, ensure that the lighting and filters used in post are consistent with the same color family. For example, if your brand uses muted pinks and pastel yellow in its brand guide, but your feed is filled with vibrant, bold colors, the feel of the brand is going to be off. You can also download a Lightroom preset filter that matches your brand look, and use it on all images going on your feed. You’ll notice an instant difference in the look! 


Keep a close eye on graphics

Colors aren’t the only thing that need to stay the same. When creating graphics, pay close attention to key design elements like fonts, white space, borders and other shapes. The graphics don’t have to all be the exact same, but these elements should stay consistent. If graphic design isn’t your specialty, feel free to use templates from sites like Canva – but DON’T leave as-is. Always be sure to use the templates as a guide, but customize them to your brand’s look and feel. 


Add video covers 

Video content is always more challenging to get a look that matches the brand aesthetic completely. That’s why its a great idea to create Reel covers or strategically choose the best frame from the video that will match the overall look and feel of your feed. With these covers, you won’t compromise the flow of the feed, and can give yourself more grace and flexibility when reposting UGC or influencer content. 


Use carousel posts to hide more off-brand content 

If you have images that you’d love to share but don’t really go with the flow of your grid, carousels are a great solution. Choose the first photo to be something that compliments your current color scheme, and include the other images behind it. 


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