New Year, New Strategies: 4 Tactics To Leave in 2022

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2023 is finally here! Which means public relations agencies everywhere are refreshing their strategies with new and improved tactics. Too often, however, do outdated tasks get rolled in year over year, simply because “it’s the way it’s always been”. This year, we’re challenging you to think differently. Here are some trends and tactics that we think you should leave behind in the new year. 


#1: Mass Pitching to Media 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – mass pitching to the media does NOT work. Even if you think you have a pitch angle that applies to multiple outlets or journalists, you simply cannot copy and paste a pitch and send it to 50 outlets expecting anyone to care. Instead, take a concept and customize it for each outlet. Prove to the writer that you’ve done your homework, you know what they write about, and you know that it would be a fit for them. When it comes to pitching, quality far outweighs quantity. 


#2: Spamming Content on Socials 

Again – quality over quantity. Nobody wants to follow a page that posts the same content 10 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. While consistency in posting every day is a good goal to have, ensure that the content you push out is valuable and engaging. Before posting, ask yourself: is this informative, entertaining, or new? If it doesn’t check off at least one of those criteria boxes, don’t post it. That way, you won’t cause content fatigue that drives your followers away. 


#3: Blindly Gifting Product to Influencers 

We all love influencer marketing, but when done poorly, it can be a drain on your resources and time. While automated influencer platforms are easy, some of them poorly vet their creators, leaving you left with minimal quality content and an empty product warehouse. Instead, thoughtfully source your influencers and choose those who align with your brand’s values, aesthetic and audience and create long-lasting relationships. Influencer marketing works best when the influencers truly believe in the products they are promoting, so creating partnerships with well-aligned influencers will lead to a better return-on-investment overall. 


#4: Waiting on Trends To Come Knocking At Your Door

Trust me, we all love a good trend and we especially love being able to hop onto these trends. The truth is, whether it is in the social media realm or public relations one, we all tend to kind of just wait for them to happen. Public relation agencies are in full capability of creating their own trends and become the trendsetters. Do not be afraid for your team to take risks and get the needle moving on those big ideas. Whether you create a new social media trend, or find a new and creative way to write pitches. 2023 is all about new possibilities, so do not be afraid to try something new.


In conclusion, the new year is the perfect time for public relations agencies to refresh those public relations strategies and tactics that might not be as functioning as they once were. Whether that means getting rid of pitching blasts or blindly gifting products to influencers, these tactics must be left in the past and be replaced with new habits that can promise you the best results. 


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