Springtime Strategies to Spruce Up Your Communications Plan

Public Relations Marketing Agency

Springtime hits differently after daylight savings.  And now that we’re all getting an extra hour of sunlight, I think we’re all ready for Springtime.  Coming out of the winter weather, there’s a crave for a fresh start, to soak in the sun, and enjoy nature at its peak!  This shift in weather and mood not only brings about a sense of rejuvenation, but new ideas. From our public relations marketing agency, let’s dive into how you can do a little spring cleaning to freshen up your marketing strategies this Springtime! 

Springtime Refresh

If your New Year’s resolutions fell through, this year  you can at least start again in the Spring! ‘New Year New Me’ is obviously the theme of January, but Springtime can bring about the same feeling.  Springtime  is a season of ‘refreshing’.  You probably see all the buzzwords online: “Spring Cleaning”, “Spring refresh”.  There’s a sense of letting go of things that aren’t as valuable to you anymore and perhaps changing things up a bit.  And it goes beyond just changing up your wardrobe or your home decor.  Spring refresh can also mean reevaluating your habits, your diet,or even  your business strategies.  We even recommend that you take a look at your own plans for the year.  With the turn in the season, how can your social media content reflect Springtime?  How can your pitches be improved by your last year’s Springtime pitch angels?   This collective mindset affects so many industries, whether it’s services, products, or even your OWN marketing strategy! 


Springtime Holidays

Now of course we need to keep in mind all of the holidays and notable observances during Spring.  To name a few notable holidays:

  1. Mothers’s Day / Father’s Day
  2. Memorial Day
  3. Earth Day
  4. Easter 
  5. Spring Break
  6. Pride Month 
  7. AAPI Heritage Month
  8. Holi
  9. Graduations 
  10. April Fool’s Day
  11. Cinco de Mayo
  12. Father’s Day
  13. Juneteenth (can swing both Spring and Summer)


For mother’s day, a classic gift guide is such a great way to prep your PR pitches and content planning.  Even diving a little deeper into the holiday, we can look at the values it brings: gratitude, love, and sacrifice. How can we incorporate those values into our strategies?  Let’s look at Memorial Day as another example.  A lot of people celebrate their day off gathering with loved ones, typically eating and drinking together.  But a lot of people love to use their day off and turn it into a 3 day weekend by planning a fun day-trip or even a mini vacay!   And another great holiday- Earth Day!  There are so many outdoor events and incentives that you can incorporate into Earth Day plans.  With the weather starting to warm up (hopefully), take advantage of the sun and brainstorm some outdoor events or collabs that could boost brand awareness for your client! 


Tax Return Incentive 

Springtime is the season of tax returns.  With a little more disposable income, there’s a boost in spending power. Looking into trends for 2024, it’s predicted that most Americans are either going to put their money into savings, pay-off debt, or spend it on ‘something fun’ (like vacations or clothes). With inflation being at a high right now, consumers are going to be conscious about what they do with their tax return.  So perhaps this springtime, we can find a fresh angle that highlights this year’s spending habits: conscious spending of your tax return!  This could be highlighting coupons, discounts, or even bundles!  And again, this could go for products or services!  


Springtime is a great time to refresh your strategies!  To stay the most up to date on the best tips from our public relations marketing agency, check us out here.