The iOS 10 Update

iOS 10 Update

If you have an iPhone and haven’t updated, or if have updated but are confused on what has changed – join the rest of most Apple users! The iPhone recently came out with the new iOS 10 update but lots are hesitating to make the change over because change is scary. Learning about what these new features have to offer will help make the transition a little easier.  Here are some hidden, and not so hidden features on the new update and how to benefit the most from them.

1) Find Your Car – No more getting lost in the parking lot and walking around for hours trying to find your car. The new update tracks where you park automatically. It senses when your car comes to a complete stop and all you have to do is pull up the maps app on your phone to see exactly where you parked and even directions on how to get there!

2)  Gifs are Added to the Keyboard – The only thing better than emojis are gifs and now you can send them easily anytime. Just click on the arrow to the left of the messages and then click on the paintbrush button, and dozens of gifs come up ranging from Miley Cyrus to Obama to Queen B – the variety is never ending. Show your friends how you really feel by sending these little videos as the best, short responses!

3) Individual Read Receipts – You can now customize your read receipts and turn them on for certain individuals which is great when you want someone to know when you are ignoring their text, or turn them off when you are pretending that your phone is dead! All you have to do is click on the “i” bottom on the top right corner and push the option “Send Read Receipts”.

4) More Options for Texting – Lots of effects were added to the keyboard like invisible ink, stickers, hand drawn messages, and 100 new emojis! Texting now feels like a game with options to have your text land to the receiver with a boom or with a bunch of balloons. 

5) Remove Apple Apps You Never Used – Apps in Apple Newsstand, Stocks, and all of the apps that just sat on your home screen but never clicked on can finally be deleted. Not only does deleting these apps make your phone feel more personalized but it also clears up lots of extra space and gigabytes.

6) Search for Specific Photos Easily – All you have to do is type in the keywords or names! Just click the photos app and click on the magnifying glass on the top right corner then type in a keyword like: beach, concert, home, flower, etc, and automatically all your pictures will be organized in the order of which you are searching!

Sure the new lock screen may take some getting used to and you may miss the old emojis – but change is good and the new advancements of the new update should definitely be used to the fullest!