The Quality, The Story, The Legacy

With luxury brands its PR’s job to be creative in their strategies so consumers are willing to pay the big bucks for your high quality product or service. Because PR encompasses so many different aspects of your brand, such as the social media, brand styling as well as more of the traditional PR methods, it’s essential that all of these parts are consistent with each other. These are three examples of what your PR plan should focus on for your luxury product or service.


The Legacy – One of the biggest drives for consumers to luxury brands is the exclusiveness of it. By purchasing your product or service they are entering an elite group that has been around for generations and will continue on for years to come.

Rolex’s new campaign illustrates this point with the line, “It doesn’t just tell time. It tells history.” The ad has pictures of influential people throughout history from Marlon Brando to Pablo Picasso all wearing their Rolex watches, sending the message that by purchasing the watch you are entering into this legacy.


The Story – There’s nothing people love more than a good story. The story can sell your brand and generate buzz around a new product launch or service. By developing a brand story you’re not just selling a product anymore, you’re selling a lifestyle.

The story of CoCo Chanel used during the Inside Chanel ads were a great PR move for the brand. The ads had all the great elements of a story: a powerful plot of a strong female protagonist who is changing the face of fashion against all odds. Consumers loved the story behind the brand and what CoCo stood for, so of course they would love the product too.


The Quality – More than anything consumers are drawn to luxury brands because of the high quality of the product or service. They’re willing to pay for the best of the best, so it’s your job to make sure they know just how good your brand is. Emphasize the craftsmanship of the product and don’t be shy when detailing how products are made or the lengths gone to for services provided.

Burberry’s PR team got it right when they made sure the detailed description of a new perfume line bottle were released. The perfume bottle was described as having, “a hand-tied knot made of English-woven gabardine fabric invented by Thomas Burberry over a century ago.” Consumers hear that and they know this perfume wasn’t just thrown together especially if the bow on the bottle has been hand-tied and perfected over hundreds of years.