5 Top Tips for Recent Grads

recent grads

For recent grads, Graduating from college is one of the most exciting times but it can also be extremely stressful. Between leaving your friends, moving away from your comfort zone of college, and job-hunting, many recent graduates really struggle with adjusting to the “real world”. We’re here with 5 tips to help ease the transition from college to post-grad life.

1. Your first job does not have to be your dream job! Many recent graduates limit their potential job opportunities because they are only willing to apply for their dream job. Instead, apply to any job that is related to your career path. If you land an interview, be sure to ask about potential opportunities for job growth. An entry level job with your dream company could be the perfect stepping stone to your ideal career.

2. Never underestimate your worth! Even though it may not be possible to land your dream job right after graduation, you do not need to settle for a job or a company that you know you are going to hate. Despite being new to the work-world, recent grads don’t need to allow themselves to be walked over. Stand up for yourself in the workplace and realize that you are a valuable asset to your work team.

3. Take advantage of your virtual network! This day in age, social networking can be a great way to make connections. Develop your LinkedIn contacts and be sure that if your other social media accounts are available to the public, that you are representing yourself in a professional manner.

4. Develop your personal brand! Be sure that your personal brand is an accurate presentation of your core values and aesthetic style. Figure out what makes you stand out from everyone else and market those characteristics. Identifying your personal brand will help you feel confident in interviews and networking opportunities!

5. Don’t get discouraged! Rather than being frustrated with the difficulties you face as a recent grad, enjoy this time of independence and uncertainty. Have faith that the best is yet to come and many successful people did not reach success until later ages. Always remember, Vera Wang didn’t sell her first wedding dress design until she was 40!