Content Creation Tips for Restaurant Clients

As a lifestyle public relations agency, we take on clients of all types including restaurants, hospitality, brands and more. We specialize in traditional media pitching, social media management and content creation for our clients. When it comes to content creation, the type of client will require different photographing and editing styles. Here are a few tips on content creation for restaurant clients.


When it comes to photographing food, make sure that the plating is clean, organized and ready to go. Take into account factors such as steam and sauces to guarantee the most aesthetically pleasing dish. Additionally, if your restaurant client specializes in the use of certain ingredients, sourced from local farmers or supports certain dietary restrictions, make sure to market that to your advantage. Lastly, it’s always great to showcase a variety of meals to engage the audience. Invite them to dine with you for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even late-night bites if your client offers them!


The content creation world is constantly evolving to fit different digital media platforms that are available and widely used today. In particular, videos have become a large part of content creation as they incorporate sound and movement into an otherwise static image. Utilize videos to showcase unique behind-the-scenes footage in the kitchen, visual tours of the venue and even introduce the team members who are crucial components of the restaurant experience.


Restaurants are great venues to host local events, where attendees can mix and mingle over their favorite drinks in the comfort of their own neighborhood. Take advantage of the local aspect of the restaurant and unique interior designs in order to attract more customers. There are many ways to showcase events. Live streaming is one of the coolest new ways of interacting with potential customers. Read more about live streaming here.


It all comes down to the details. Make sure that you uncover the hidden gems of your restaurant client, whether it is their exquisite interior decor or family-friendly menus. Let the audience know if your restaurant is a great study spot, meeting spot or simply a place to clear your mind. Outline different offerings such as free wi-fi, easy parking and even happy hours!