Our Favorite Restaurant Instagrams

Successful restaurant Instagrams aren’t all just about food and drinks. Behind the perfect feed lies a strong social media strategy. Read about why brands should utilize social media here. Below, we picked our favorite restaurant accounts that stand out on Instagram in their own unique ways.

Bottega Louie @bottegalouie

Bottega Louie’s feed is all about their menu. Their posts are carefully curated to showcase their most unique menu items. To keep it consistent, they use a bright theme that is flattering for all kinds of food. Ranging from macarons to pasta, everything shines in their feed.

Skinny Bitch Pizza @skinnybitchpizza

Our favorite cauliflower pizza restaurant has a perfectly consistent feed. To do this, they have focused on the color pink, which is the color of their iconic pizza boxes. This account is a great example of how to identify something unique about your brand, and how to bring this out on social media.

Sloopy’s Beach Cafe @sloopys_cafe

Sloopy’s does not only posts about food but also post about life in beautiful Hermosa Beach. Their social media strategy consists of envisioning a relaxed beachy lifestyle that goes beyond their menu. You could say that Sloopy’s is a mood, and therefore makes the restaurant stand out in social media and be recognizable.

Okiboru Tsukemen @okiboru

We love how Okiburo uses their bio to immediately announce why they are so unique, but it doesn’t feel too long or overwhelming. They are also masters of the food closeup because they are not afraid to show you exactly how good their products look!

Sumo Dog @eatsumodog

Sumo dog has mastered the colorful, bright, high contrast feed theme. This makes all of their food pop. It doesn’t only look delicious, it’s eye-catching too. Just like Okiboru, some of their posts are close-ups of their dogs, which show off the various unique ingredients in them.