Scheduling Posts for Social Media

Scheduling Social Media Posts

Social media is fantastic for a business or personality, you can communicate with customers (and potential customers), interact with other companies and advertise for free! The only down side is that nowadays nobody has any spare time to commit to activities outside of the day to day running of a business. Presence on social media needs to be consistent to maintain interest and follows, posting every day is vital, along with ‘liking’ others’ posts, retweeting relevant links and tagging anyone and everyone involved! Luckily there are lots of free, and fee-paying website that will help in scheduling social media posts to be published at the time and date of your choosing.

Here at BLND we’ll explain why being organized and forward thinking about your scheduling social media posts could not only save you time but work in your favor;

Keeps your brand consistent – This is so important as people are surrounded by information and advertising all day, everyday. To keep people engaged in your brand they need to expect daily updates with interesting content. It’s easier to create a voice for a brand when posts are regular.

Less mistakes – When dealing with a sensitive issue or story scheduling a post can allow the writer time to fully research and articulate a response. Posts can be reviewed by multiple people before ever going live.

Creativity can flourish – Having extra time to tailor posts can lead to more creative content, and a higher quality of interaction, making your name stand out among competitors. Creativity can take time so don’t rush!

It’s not restrictive – Even though posts many be scheduled for a specific time and date that doesn’t mean that real-time posts cannot be published. It means your social media is still very manageable and current.

Everything’s recorded – Pre-planning social media means you have a record of past activity and can review the success of your engagement. It could mean content isn’t repeated or successful campaigns are rerun.