Enplug: Growing your small business with live social media feeds

We just can’t stop talking about Enplug Digital Signage, and neither should you and your small business. This #1 digital signage platform exceeds all expectations to its users around the world. Since Enplug allows businesses to customize a ton of social apps that customers can interact with, it  never fails to create awesome social experiences. So what exactly does Enplug do? Basically, Enplug turns your digital display into live and interactive social media walls, games, menuboards, and so much more!  In just one easy to use software, Enplug presents live social media, HD video, and a growing number of apps. It transforms your business’s TV, iPad, and even computer into the world’s most exciting digital display. This plug-and-play device stream enables your small business to show real-time social media, custom content, and compelling advertising and we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet…Enplug lets you control what shows on your display with just your mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Here’s how it works: Enplug broadcasts digital advertising to local venues in your area. With Enplug, you can:

–  Promote your username and hashtag.
–  Entice customers to post on your social media for immediate display thereafter.
–  Demonstrate an public, entertaining feed of conversations surrounding your       business.


The process is simple, and the rewards of using Enplug are unsurpassable. Within seconds, watch Enplug enhance your small business social media engagement, drive impressions, increase sales and positive reviews, and make your business go viral. So take your digital displays to the next level with Enplug. You’ll find that this hot commodity will completely enhance your company’s digital experience when it comes to information sharing in the physical world. We guarantee it.