Snapchat Removes Autoplay In Recent Update

Snapchat Removes Autoplay

Story Playlists are now the new thing after Snapchat removes autoplay in recent update.

Exciting news — Snapchat has finally addressed one of the biggest complaints from their app users about Story Autoplay. Done are the days of accidentally viewing your crush’s story when you didn’t want to intentionally view it.

Snapchat has created a new feature called Playlist where users can click on the thumbnail and insert it into the playlist to autoplay. It’s just like a music playlist but with snap stories! Story playlist is an easy way to select which stories you want to actually watch and view them on an automatic playlist in the order that you chose to view them. The times where Snap stories play one at a time as you view them and continue playing the next are finally over.

Tapping on the story’s thumbnail will start the playlist creation. It will then give you a large play button to press once you’re ready to view the stories you’ve selected. So if there are a few particular people in your life that you love to stalk or keep up on their life, well you can enjoy watching a stream of stories without constantly hitting the screen to skip.