Sneak Peek at Our New Office!

LA PR Agency

We are back in BLND PR’s hometown of Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles County, California! In 2014, BLND was born out of a 200 sq/ft space in Hermosa Beach with just one employee on staff. This year, we finished remodeling our brand new luxury public relations space located right across from the sand. This new spot is 1,500 sq/ft and located right on Hermosa Avenue.

BLND PR is now home to over 10 employees with a beautifully designed open floor concept that boasts beauty and functionality. Check out these photos of our comfortable, calming new space!

luxury public relations luxury public relations  


Minimal, Inviting, and Comfortable

Our minimal aesthetic provides the atmosphere and mental clarity for our account executives to get creative while brainstorming their clients’ PR strategies. The BLND PR open floor plan is conducive to collaboration and teamwork, while a cozy couch in the front area provides a relaxing spot to rest for those who need it. Our new office space truly has it all: style, function, and warmth.

Additionally, did we mention, all of the desks have the ability to transition to standing? We like to think that our office design is just like the press coverage we get for our clients — high-quality, multifunctional, and a good fit.


luxury public relations


Beige, cream, and neutral tones reign supreme in our zen-inspired office area. Variety in texture — fur, wood, ceramic, and sherpa — keep the design interesting to the eye. We take luxury public relations to the next level with our thoughtful design choices and coastal chic vibe. Whether it be a cozy internal meeting, a creative brainstorm session, or a company-wide bonding event, we have the space to take on whatever the day calls for.


Next time you’re in Hermosa Beach, stop by our location on Hermosa Avenue for a company consultation and to take a look at our new office aesthetic.