Social Media 101: Best Hashtags for Your Brand

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Whether it’s a branded hashtag, campaign hashtag, or something as simple as #smile, hashtags can be found on most branded and personal posts on social media. Hashtags are essential to building a targeted audience, and can be super valuable in generating new engagement when done right! A social media agency is here to help optimize brands’ hashtag use to increase engagement and stay on the pulse of what’s relevant. Here are a few ways you can locate the best, most relevant hashtags to include in your brand’s posts to reach the right audience:


Find Your Niche

Value specificity over popularity when it comes to hashtags! General hashtags with millions of posts may reach a massive audience, but will not attract targeted engagement. Not to mention, your post may easily get buried amongst the constant flow of posts using a general hashtag. Adding more specific keywords to your lineup of hashtags will help you reach exactly who you’re trying to target. 


Check Out the Competition

Work with your social media agency to do research on brands and influencers in your industry to see what’s trending. By understanding the conversation centered around your industry, you can contribute with quality, relevant content the community will engage with! Keeping up with trends in your industry will help you locate current popular hashtags for a targeted audience.


Use Your Resources!

Try out online resources like or to search trending hashtags. These sites give suggestions on how to optimize hashtags on your posts, and plan out your hashtag strategy for upcoming campaigns. Ask your social media agency what resources they use to plan campaigns. Analytics and massive amounts of content can be tough to sift through in search of relevant hashtags, but these online resources can help make your search more efficient and produce effective results.


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