Social Media 101: Quality vs. Quantity

social media

If you’ve ever wondered if you should be posting several times a day or sticking to one strong post, well the answer is a simple one: less is more. Whether you are using your social media as a personal account or for your social media agency and digital marketing purposes, quality trumps quantity always.


Right now we live in a world where people crave transparency and authenticity. Consumers enjoy real, raw content, not just being sold some company or product. It’s all about being relatable. When you’re sticking to quality over quantity, there are a couple of things you want to keep in mind for your social media posts. 


Know Your Followers/Who You’re Connecting With 

It’s good to have a specific, narrowed market instead of a generalized audience. Make sure they know who you are you know them. Post what they want to see and talk about what they want to hear. This will keep your readers engaged and interested in connecting with you. These are real people and you want to curate and develop real relationships.


Post With Purpose

Have a goal for your post and a message that you want to get across. It can be simple and light-hearted or a more creative, detailed and deeper post. Align it with the right timing and the type of content your viewers love. To help with this, many social media agencies use a calendar tool and schedule some posts in advance when there is something particular they want to address at a certain time. You also don’t need to be on every single social platform out there. Choose the few that resonate with and fit the tone of your brand and focus on those.


When you start to create content FOR your consumers instead of AT them and berating them with a bunch of annoying, insignificant posts, you develop trust. When you develop trust, you increase your brand awareness, profile traffic and your community of prospects. Trust is the foundation of brand loyalty, and this will ultimately help grow your social media agency/business. So, don’t be afraid to show off your personality and set the voice of your company. Remember, when you’re authentically you, your brand has no competition.