Social Media 101: Best Practices for Twitter

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Twitter has become of the most divisive and controversial social media platforms of our age while still managing to remain light-hearted, accessible, and incredibly addicting. Individuals, brands, non-profits, and corporations alike have utilized this platform to interact with audiences and connect with people from around the globe. Created in 2006, Twitter has established itself as the leading social media platform for concise content. In recent years, Twitter has become a hub for quick content that is hyper-relevant, funny, and relatable.

Whether you are using Twitter to find memes, keep up to date with the news, or connect with friends, engagement on this platform is key. Mastering the art of the Twitter-sphere is a skill that most public relations and media professionals need in their arsenal, so we created our #TopThreeTwitterTips to help elevate your brand’s presence. 


Concise Content is Key

Even though Twitter upped the character count a few years ago, your tweets still need to be a short-and-sweet 280 characters (yes, that includes spaces and punctuation). Having a limited character count demands that content comes in bite-sized form. Planning tweets ahead of time can help remedy this character crunch. When drafting beforehand, choose one or two main points that you want to get across. Focusing in on a specific topic or phrase will allow you to streamline your tweet. A successful tweet is one that is easily understood, relevant to the platform, and encourages sharing from your audience. 


Find Your “Voice” 

As many PR and social media managers know, a brand’s “voice” is a crucial part of communicating with the public. Identifying your brand’s “voice” on Twitter will help in deciding what content to post, how to relay messages, and how best to reach your target audience. For example, a company that sells boozy ice cream might want to adopt a quirky and casual voice, while a law firm may want to sound more intellectual and professional. In recent years, brands have been straying from their typical “voice” to create content that stands out from the rest. Whatever voice your brand chooses to adopt, make sure it is authentic and aligns with the personality you wish to portray.


Incorporate multi-media aspects 

As Twitter competes with other social sites, it has become a much more visually-based platform. Including visual aspects in your tweets can help capture the attention of Twitter users as they scroll through their feeds. This visual content can be a short video, GIF, link to a website, poll, or photo. Adding a visual to a tweet can help make your content stand out, especially if your content is aesthetically pleasing! 



Practicing these three Twitter tips will help you master the platform and create authentic and relevant content! Want more social media tips? Check out another one of our Social Media 101 posts here!