Social Media for Businesses During the Time of COVID-19

The world’s attention has been focused on COVID-19 for the past few weeks, and for good reason. The widespread virus has impacted the lives of countless people worldwide, and has affected the global economy substantially. Businesses everywhere, small and large, are struggling to navigate this crisis effectively. Importantly, now is the time that businesses must alter their digital communications strategies to reflect on and acknowledge the current environment, and use social media strategically and sensitively to communicate essential information and messages.

Increase digital footprint by updating company website and posting daily on social media

When crises occur, one of the most important tasks a company can do is continue to update their communication platforms. Individuals will turn to online platforms for news and updates about current events. You’ll want to ensure that your audience is seeing something worthwhile when they land on your social media. When posting and creating content during this time, make sure to create positive and uplifting content that will help your community find a sense of peace and lightheartedness, rather than panic. It is vital that all crisis messaging is coherent with your company’s core values and that all information is factual and correct to the best of your knowledge.

Write an interesting article about brand coping mechanisms, or your brand’s personal experience, and pitch to local media outlets

With all of the remote working and business closures, news outlets will be hungry for content. This is a time for sharing your personal experience with others who may be facing similar obstacles. When writing about your brand and it’s experiences tied to COVID-19, it is crucial to remain truthful and honest about the situation. This is no doubt a difficult and somewhat awkward time, so be sure to remain personable with your audiences. Speak from experience, be authentic, and provide other businesses with innovative ways to cope with the situation. 


Develop strategies or partnerships to support local businesses

In economic turmoil, it’s no surprise that small businesses struggle the most. Do your part and create strong tactics to help support local businesses to create awareness. When creating partnerships with local businesses, ensure that your core values and goals align. Creating cohesion and strong relationships between brands develops a further sense of community. Plus, it creates a powerful platform to and provide consistent, helpful, and trustworthy messaging.

Adjust communication strategies to keep key audiences updated with any changes in business operations

With the ongoing changes that are happening with COVID-19, it is important to inform the public about any changes to the business. Key audiences and affected groups want to know what you are doing as an organization in light of the crisis, and what good you are doing to help. Keep all communication platforms up to date with news and updates relevant to your audience so they may continue to trust your efforts as a business. 


Stay positive and be a beacon of light in your community

As easy as it is to drown in the negativity, it is critical to remain positive and encouraging. Energy is contagious and your audiences are sure to follow suit. This is the time to come together, to be patient, strong, kind, and to not be afraid of the unknown. Share the small wins you experience during this time and share with your co-workers, friends, and family.