5 Ways to Incorporate Summer in your Social Media Plan

summer beach

Incorporating Summer ideas in your social media plan is a great way to grab your audiences’ attention and it makes your business even more exciting. Businesses should take advantage of the season in their marketing executions. External factors, such as, the season are great ways to renovate or add excitement; it temporarily gives your business a different edge!

Get Personal: Whatever your brand represents add a personal touch. It lets your target audience know that you are more than a business and just like them! For instance, if you are a clothing company and on vacation, take a picture of you wearing your shirt on the beach! The audience will get to know you and you’re still branding your business.

Think Locally: If your brand is national, keeping it locally once in a while is a great idea! If there is a local summer event from where the business derived take a picture of that. It will create a small town persona on your brand, yet you’re still reaching national levels.

Adding Summer Tips: Use summer as a benefit in your social media! Adding summer tips or ideas in your social media brand will bring in new viewers too! For example, if you are a make up company you can add on your Facebook “3 Best Waterproof Makeups to Beat the Heat!”

Summer Promos: You can add summer promos and deals on your social media platforms. This is another way to promote your business on a different angle. Think creative and fun ideas to include in your social media plan.

Embed Videos: Nowadays, short videos are common on social media. The attention span of your audience is very short. Adding short summer related videos to your social media platforms is a quick way to convey your message. If theres a local beach party add a quick little video or snap to show that your brand is updated with the current social trends.

If you think creatively as a team your business can blossom when taking advantage of the seasons in your social media. You can be playful and professional, while still marketing your brand. Making all of your campaigns social is definitely a smart way to market your business!