Social Media Scheduling: Our Favorite Tools

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Social media agencies are always looking for ways to increase their productivity and improve their social media management processes. In today’s world, there are many social media tools that are available to help improve your social media agency’s efficiency. To help you find your favorites, we picked out a few of our top social media tools that we use as an agency. 



The best way to improve your efficiency and management skills for your social media accounts is by using a social media scheduling tool. Gain is a great tool we use for social media scheduling. On the platform, you have the ability to plan out, schedule, edit, and post content through all social media channels. Additionally, Gain has auto-posting so you don’t have to worry about posting on all your social accounts. 



Today, social media agencies are busy creating marketing campaigns and brainstorming new marketing strategies. With Hootsuite, it helps your agency use your time more wisely and efficiently. Similar to Gain, you can use it for all your social media scheduling needs. In other words, Hootsuite allows you to schedule, manage content, and measure your social media results. However, we don’t personally use it at our agency, but it is a great tool to use if you are a smaller social media agency with fewer accounts to manage. 



Every successful social media agency needs a way to beautifully craft their clients’ Instagram feeds. Therefore, we use Planoly to arrange the look of our Instagram feeds and visualize social media grids for our clients. Planoly is very user friendly and one of the most effective visual social media planners on the market. Planoly also has features to help manage your Instagram feeds with auto-posting, scheduling, and data analytics for your accounts.


Sprout Social 

In order to have a popular social media page, it’s essential to understand the data and analytics of what drives your audience to view and engage with your accounts. We use Sprout Social for all things related to social media data. Sprout Social is a great tool to use for reporting on social media analytics and helps us gain a better understanding on what social media strategies work best for specific audiences. 

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