How To Stay Professional In A Casual Work Environment

In a boutique PR firm, multiple factors come into play when it comes to professionalism in the office. Having a boutique style firm means working in close proximity with others, which tends to lend itself to being a casual work environment. A boutique PR firm has many advantages. A more relaxed environment can encourage productivity, teamwork, and enhanced work quality. Although this sounds like an ideal atmosphere, it is still important to remember to stay professional. If you are currently working in this type of environment, here are six tips that will help you stay on your A-game at your boutique PR firm.

Keep A Positive Attitude
Moods are contagious. If you come into the office with a sour attitude, it can completely ruin the work environment and affect everyone else in the office. It is important to keep an upbeat, positive attitude and stay professional. It will help you with the tasks you need to achieve and it will encourage your colleagues to stay positive as well.

Know The Time And Place On When To Share Your Personal Life
We get it – working in a boutique style office means that spatial proximity is small between you and your colleagues. It’s great to build a personal relationship with everyone in the office! However, what you did last night, or over the weekend, does not need to be discussed in the office while everyone is trying to get their work done. Leave conversations like that for lunch or after work.

Stay Professional, Focused And Productive
With a relaxed boutique environment, it might be easy to lose focus on what needs to get done. Being in one room with your colleagues can have amazing perks! If everyone is distracted, encourage everyone to join in on a collaborative task to help refocus the team. Work with everyone in order to get certain tasks complete and keep them equally engaged.

Avoid Gossip
Do you have a client that is a little difficult? Make sure you are expressing your concerns to your manager rather than your colleagues. When we get frustrated, it’s easy to spiral into a rant with your colleagues and say negative things. Instead, take that energy and focus it into a session where you can receive advice from your manager. If you have a colleague coming to you saying negative things about a client or another colleague, be an active listener and suggest that they should speak to their point person about their frustrations.

Immerse Yourself Into The Company Culture
One of the best ways to connect with colleagues in a professional manner is to dive into the company culture. Learning the morals and values of the company will help you grow within the company, help you build strong working relationships with your teammates, and will help you personally grow.

Be Aware of Your Actions
It’s natural for others to follow an example. If you initiate a certain behavior, your colleagues ( may repeat it. As an employee of a boutique PR firm, you represent the firm. It is important to be on your best behavior as it can reflect on the company. Be considerate of your actions if you are ever representing the company in public and be aware of what you post on Social Media if your bio says where you work.