How to Be a Successful Blogger


Remember the days when blogging was a rarity and only the bravest of braves dared to write, expose and express the details of their every day lives?  Those days are long gone and now blogging has become more of a necessity particularly for those in the business industry.   But let’s face it; Becoming a successful blogger is not an easy thing to do.  There are endless topics of discussion, a diverse audience, multiple niches, and a LOT of competition.  So whether you’re taking up the online space to maintain a personal blog or for business, here are the 7 blogging tips we’d love to share with you:

1) Define Your Niche: It’d be so much easier to maintain a blog if you had a free range of topics to choose from.  And you can, but you must be sure it’s within your specialty.  As a successful blogger, you can’t be everything to everyone.  By defining your niche and narrowing down on your specialty, you’ll be able to give the right people exactly what they want and is a good way to attract committed followers.

2) Know Your Audience: If you’re marketing your products and services, you need to know your audience—the average age, location, personalities, likes, dislikes, favorites, etc.  Keeping in mind this information, you’ll not only learn to write meaningful blog posts but you’ll also build a deeper connection with your followers.

3) Take a Blogging Course: You’d think blogging is self-explanatory.  I mean, how hard can it be?  You just write, right? Well, it depends.  Do you want a journal with minimal followers or do you want a committed audience and successful blog?  If you chose the latter, you need to commit by understanding technique, tips, tricks, and etiquette and the best way to learn is by taking a course.  We would suggests taking a blogging workshop offered by Bloguettes ( or Blogging Your Way (  Let us know what you learn!

4) Always Be Prepared: This might be one of hardest things to do when maintaining a blog.  One of the biggest disappointments is when blogs post amazing content for a few weeks and you never hear from them again.  To be a successful blogger you need to avoid it, you need to be prepared.  But sure to set some time aside to create multiple posts for your blog and schedule up to 3-6 months in advance.

5) Choose Quality of Quantity: While being a frequent and consistent blogger is important, it’s equally as important that you post topics with quality.  Don’t post for the sake of posting.  Make sure they are the best words, best photos, best ideas…something worth reading.

6) Create Valuable Aesthetics: Because blogging is so popular, nowadays something as simple as your blog look can turn a reader away.  We’re not saying it needs to look like the inside of a Kate Spade store. We’re saying it needs to be simple, clean, attractive and helps accentuate your brand identity.

7) Be Inspired: When you’re writing about your product, service or self everyday, it’s easy to fall in to a rut.  But keep your readers on their toes and make them want to come back for more.  Show case content that is current, relatable, and exciting!  You can do this by finding inspiration elsewhere.  Visit your favorite blogs, browse the web for some stimulation.  Keep an opened mind and always allow yourself to be inspired.