The Importance of National Media Coverage

New York

Press coverage on a national level from is cause for celebration, and is wildly valuable. Whether you’re a local brand that serves a specific community, or a brand that’s popular from Los Angeles to New York, here are a few reasons why securing national media coverage should be a top priority, no matter the scale of your brand:


Maximize Your Online Presence

Social media is key to quality marketing efforts today, and your handle featured in a national publication can bring a new, nationwide audience to your platforms. The more engaging you are with a wide demographic, the more local users will discover and engage with you! Even if your brick-and-mortar shop can’t reach the masses, social media can turn your business into a nationwide brand. A quality, expansive following can help boost your company to the next level through collaboration, influencer seeding, and even bringing your products online.


Get The Rep You’re Looking For

Owning and operating a locally-targeted brand doesn’t mean you don’t need (or want) a little national recognition! Whether you operate around a unique business concept, carry out creative CSR initiatives, or produce uber-photogenic products, it’s totally possible to generate national buzz as a smaller-scale brand. You don’t need to be based in Los Angeles or New York to gain high-profile supporters. To become popular, take the time to create quality pitches that highlight the best of you. Then, pitch to the right writers who show interest in what you do. Keep up the effort to get your brand out there! 


Don’t Forget the Tourists!

With Instagram and online guides advising travelers, your brand featured in a magazine might land you on a tourist’s itinerary! If you’re based in a metropolitan area like New York City or Los Angeles, national media coverage can help set you apart from the thousands of food, shopping, and hospitality options travelers have to choose from. With social media, a few #regrams from popular Instagram accounts will help put you on the map. You may not consistently serve an audience from faraway communities, but building brand awareness may bring them to you!

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