The New Instagram Algorithm

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Instagram’s recent update caused a lot of confusion right away. With the switch away from chronological content, many influencers and brands were forced to learn a new way of attracting followers and boosting engagement. Julian K. Gutman, the Product Lead for Instagram, has mentioned that the app is working to optimize “engagement, frequency, and communication”. Following this mission, the company recognized a flaw in the previous chronological design. This flaw caused users to miss out on a high percentage of content from those they’re following. With the new algorithm, content is filtered based on priority, giving users a personally curated feed. In 2021, the best social media agency knows to adapt their media strategy around this new way of seeing content. We’ve put together a couple new trends we’ve noticed on the app and how to master them in order to beat the algorithm!

Amp up engagement & interaction

Users that have shown interest in certain content are more likely to see more of the same. This increases the importance of receiving consistent engagement from followers and creating posts that your followers will like, comment, share, and save. In addition, outbound engagement through comments on content from other similar accounts can help to put your brand out there. 


Use Instagram Reels!

Following the wild popularity of TikTok, Instagram replicated the short-form videos and came out with their own: Reels. The video formatting allows for more creativity in the content produced and the icing on the cake? Instagram is promoting creators who are using Reels early in the release stages. 


Build relationships

Loyalty from followers is more important than ever. Follower loyalty can earn your account a spot at the top of their feeds. Tactics such as posting at prime time (when your followers are most active), interacting through Instagram Stories, and responding to direct messages all contribute to building your brand. Utilizing Instagram Insights as a business account also provides detailed information about consumer metrics. 


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