The Podcast Craze Isn’t Going Anywhere

PR Trends

While it may feel like every celebrity, influencer, and entrepreneur has a podcast these days, we continue to see podcasts as a thriving, profitable industry that isn’t going anywhere. Just like Facebook groups, there’s a podcast for everyone and every topic under the sun – and PR execs should view podcasts as a new, dynamic press placement for clients. Whether you’re representing brands, talent, or events, podcasts are an excellent way to makes your CEO, director, or influencer personable. Here’s why we think PR trends come and go, but podcasts aren’t going anywhere in 2022. 

Why Podcasts Work

Podcasts have proven to be a wonderful way to achieve likeability and familiarity for your client to not only existing consumers but potentially a whole new audience. Podcasts offer free publicity and brand awareness, done in an entertaining way. Consumers enjoy listening to podcasts in more casual settings, and use these channels as a means of entertainment and education. There are so many different types of podcasts, so no matter what your brand is, there is a fit. Plus, podcasts create great, shareable content for potential partners and press opportunities. 


Podcasts Are Only Increasing In Popularity

As far as PR trends go, podcasts don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. In fact, there are currently 2 million active podcasts, whereas just three years ago, there were only about a quarter of that. Podcasts are gaining traction in the world of PR trends, so we forecast that this will be an important part of your communications strategy. Plus, this medium allows for your representative to connect with their audience in a more human, authentic way. It’s a great opportunity to chat about topics they typically wouldn’t be able to, and to showcase knowledge beyond what makes the cut in a written interview. 


Tips For Submitting To Podcasts 

Submitting yourself or your client to be a guest on a podcast isnt’ as intimidating as it may sound. First, think of the types of podcasts that your target audience listens to, and start building out your list. You want to make sure that the podcast is in line with your brand, your messaging and your persona. That way, it makes sense when you pitch to them why you would want to be a guest. The next step is to identify your angle – what do you want to talk about on this podcast? Why do you want to talk with the host? These are the key questions that the podcast manager or host wants to know and understand in your pitch.


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