The PR Value of New York Fashion Week: What Your Brands Need To Know

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Each year, New York Fashion Week makes a huge splash in the media cycle. Last year, New York Fashion Week generated the most earned media out of the fashion week events, surpassing Milan, Paris and London Fashion Weeks. Whether you are a fashion company or an influencer, being involved in NYFW can be major for your brand. At our New York public relations agency, we have researched the PR value of NYFW to help you best utilize its impact. 


Earned Media Coverage

According to data provided by Launch Metrics, media outlets that do not solely cover fashion generated the greatest media impact value for NYFW in 2018. In fact, AOL was the highest, at approximately $1.9 million. Media outlets all over the world cover the event thoroughly, reaching thousands of potential consumers. 


Social Media Impact

DMR Group found that 58.2% of the total earned media value generated through the Fashion Weeks were generated through social media accounts. They also found that the total estimated value of social media coverage was $88.6 million last year. As for the platforms used, Instagram was the preferred channel, followed by Facebook.  


How Can Brands Use This Information? 

This data shows that the eyes of the press, influencers and consumers will be glued to the runway during NYFW. Therefore, getting your brand involved in the action would open you up to millions of impressions. Hiring a New York public relations agency to help you get involved is a great way to start. 

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