This Week in Fashion: Trends You Need to Know

fashion public relations

As the weather gets cooler, our styles start changing. At fashion public relations firms, our jobs are to get up and coming trends on the mainstream. With influencer gifting to sending out pitches to media, fashion public relations is the number one source for all things trendy! They work hard in order to get the trends they have been eyeing for months in advance onto our social media pages! This year we see lots of silk scarves, leather pants, pearl studded clips and much more! Check out some of the trends we are seeing pop up this week.



Silk Scarves 

Silk scarves are incredibly versatile and a perfect way to change up your everyday outfits! They can be used as belts, neck ties, headbands and so much more.  These scarves give off the perfect “Parisian chic” vibe everyone is after nowadays! There are hundreds of styles to choose from, from neutrals to pair with a simple blouse or wear on your ponytail to vibrant playful colors that will make you shine at any holiday party this year! 



Leather Pants

To some, it can take time to get used to leather pants. Lots of 90’s inspired looks are coming back in style and with that, come the beloved leather pants. Even if you think you would never look good in this style, all you have to do is find the perfect fit for you! Skinny or straight? Designer or budget? There are a bunch of styles to choose from, at least one will check all your boxes. These are perfect for a night out with friends or date night with your partner during these chilly months.  Leather pants will totally make a statement and get you to stand out anywhere you go!


Hair Accessories 

Time to break out all the hair clips you have stuffed in the back of your closet after you graduated middle school because this trend is back and hotter than ever before! Hair accessories have been popping up on our Instagram feed for what feels like forever and they are just too cute to ignore! From pearl-studded clips to bedazzled barrettes, hair accessories are guaranteed to make a statement this winter season! These super cute hair accessories are exactly what you need to finish off your holiday look for any event! 



Boot weather is upon us! Our favorite stores are getting ready to debut their brand-new collections and with that in mind, this is the perfect time to think of what styles you would like to invest in this winter season! There are tons of new styles this year like croc-effect and slouchy boots. Croc-effect boots are perfect when you want to be subtle and not too expressive like  animal print boots are. This style is much more sophisticated and is perfectly paired with many outfits! Slouchy boots are back and go wonderfully with pretty much everything! 


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