The Top 4 Press Release Mistakes to Avoid

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Writing press releases can be difficult and time consuming, but they are still a very effective tool in the public relations agency world. If written correctly, press releases can create lots of traction and buzz about your client, which is always the goal.  From executives to interns, sometimes we can totally miss the mark. Here are some of the worst mistakes people do on their press releases that can cost them their client’s exposure:


Writing with no style.

Sometimes you read a press release and still wonder, “so what was this about?”. Many times the press release fails to tell us the most important piece of content, which is why this story matters. Many public relations agency professionals try to add twists and storytelling techniques that just do not make sense. Oftentimes, a simple press release  makes the most impact on media. Additionally, ensuring that you get your point across within the first paragraph is key to keeping readers’ interest.


Ignoring your audience.

Press releases are primarily for the media, so keeping them in mind as you write is very important. Adding lingo that is not familiar to the reader and only used in office is not going to help them understand your news. Although you are excited about your client’s success, you should write in a neutral, third person tone. The media is a vital part of press releases because they are the ones who decide if your information is worth writing about. Don’t leave them in the shadows. 


Forgetting to add contact info.

Even though this seems like a no brainer, it can happen. Leaving out contact information basically blows any chances you had on getting published, or securing follow-up content. A specific person who is in charge of media inquiries should always be listed as the point of contact. 


Not using links.

There is no point in talking about your amazing product or client if there are no quick links for the audience to see or purchase it. Links are a really good way for your audience to access the content quickly and efficiently. Attaching the product you are writing about in the press release will avoid making the editors do all the work and search for it themselves.  


Overall, press releases  can be a headache but they can also be very rewarding. 

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