Tips for Social Media Marketing

For some, the holidays are seen as a time to reconnect with family, relax, and enjoy all the festivity. For those in the PR world, it’s important to be on our A-game as many know the Holidays are the highest grossing days of the year for most business. Producing power plays left and right, PR pros must enhance their hustle and bustle when it comes to social media marketing. Check out our  5 tips to produce successful social media marketing this holiday season (and throughout the rest of the year):

1. Devise a mobile strategy. Tis the season for consumers to stay attached to their smartphones while they’re out and about getting prepared for the holidays. Choose social media platforms that a majority of people stream on their smartphones such as Facebook and Twitter, and make sure your posts are mobile friendly.s

2. Stay on top of things. Shopping won’t be the only thing getting hectic this holiday season. Up-keeping all social media marketing platforms will most likely be a handful too. Since it’s the holidays, you will have to compete even more with other brands with similar promotions, events, deals, etc. It’s critical to stay on top of all of your posts, and most importantly, your interactions with your audience.

3. Put yourselves in the audience’s shoes. Besides the given dates on a calendar, how does one know it’s the holiday season? Decorations. We see trees fill up with lights, wreaths hang from many people’s doors, pumpkins displayed on front porches; the list goes on. Thus, we know when the holiday season rolls around based on all of the festive things we see. Social media marketing should be no different. If your brand is promoting a special holiday event, make sure your invitations, word choice, and purpose are all things festive.

4. Pictures are worth a thousand words. There’s a good chance that your audience is experiencing social media overload during the holidays. Thus, incorporating and using images as your posts is strategic and necessary. Images are eye-catching. Your audience will have a better chance of remembering your message if they see it rather than just reading about it.

5. Be present. With social media marketing, it’s important to remain in the loop of the most popular trends. For instance, sticking to popular tag lines can bring strengthen your audience size. Being aware of current trends allows you to come up with creative, timely, and effective ways to incorporate your brand into conversations and other interactions with consumers.