Our Top 3 Favorite February Instagram Spots

Instagram Spots

Whether you’re an LA native, avid adventurer or building a lifestyle social media brand, we’ve got the best places for you to go to boost that follower list. As a company that strives to promote lifestyle social media accounts, we took it upon ourselves to provide you with our favorite Instagram Spots to feature on your Instagram for the upcoming month. Check out our top 3 Instagram worthy spots for February. Happy exploring!

Venice Beach Canals
The Venice Canal Historic District was developed by Abbot Kinney in 1905. The man-made canals are now notably photographed and featured all over social media. Visit at sunset to make your time there a little more romantic than usual and set the mood for the month of love. After visiting the canals head over to another one of our favorite spots, Abbot Kinney and the endless trendy and delicious restaurants the street has to offer.

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“Love Wall”- Smashbox Studios, Culver City
With Valentine’s Day just about a week away, what better way to celebrate  than to take a picture in front of a wall completely dedicated to promoting love?! Grab your best friends, go to the Smashbox Studios to get your pic then venture around downtown Culver City to try out new up and coming restaurants for an early Galentine’s Day dinner!

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Getty Villa – Malibu
As one of the most breathtaking places Los Angeles has to offer, the Getty Villa will get you the most Instagram worthy picture from any angle. The Villa features exquisite art pieces, manicured gardens and first-century Roman inspired architecture. Make sure you plan your (always free) visit ahead of time!


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