Using Trending News for your Clients

Trending News

Relevance is the number one requirement for Public Relations, and it is no small feat trust us. Staying up to date on trending news can sometimes be overwhelming for you in the PR world, but rest assured with our tips you’ll be using trending news for your client as a pro.

Using trending news for your client’s benefit, also known as “newsjacking”, can allow you to address a broader audience that you wouldn’t normally. It is very important to spot trending news early on to get your story out while it is still relevant. Award shows, holidays or sporting events are easy news worthy events that can be used for your client’s benefit. These obvious trending news possibilities are easy to spin when relevant to your client. It is spotting the unexpected that makes for truly remarkable PR gold.

Keeping a watchful eye on celebrities, and bigger companies is also a great move to incorporate trending news for your client. Bigger companies attract a larger audience, and making your client relevant to them in an unexpected way can attract and even open bigger possibilities. Celebrities come with their own loyal audience, and getting their attention can bring great publicity.

We cannot stress enough the relevance factor when using trending news for your client. To avoid being irrelevant it is critical to be certain that your client and whichever news worthy option you choose make sense to go together. Attaching your client to trending news will not work if the link between the two ideas is too far fetched or cannot be easily understood. It may seem redundant to address, but we’ve seen our fair share of marketing ideas that are a bit of stretch to say the least.

Trending news is becoming wildly popular for PR and marketing firms to use, and we hope you join in on the fun. Our advice comes from experience, which is what will ultimately help you as well because practice really does makes perfect.