Ways to Continuously Be Inspired in Your Career In 2017

be inspired

As 2016 comes to a close, it is the perfect time to reflect on your career and consider ways to continuously be inspired in your career in 2017. It’s important to set clear goals and milestones for each goal to keep yourself on track to accomplish what you set out for the year. Whether you are entering your final semester in college, beginning your professional career, or looking to be promoted — we can all incorporate these ways to be inspired in 2017.

Write down everything you accomplished this past year. The easiest way to be inspired  is to reflect on all of your professional accomplishments. We often forget to celebrate our accomplishments during the daily grind, but giving yourself credit where credit is due is the best way to continue to be inspired in your career.

Re-evaluate your alignment with company or industry’s values. It is easy to lose sight of company goals and values during the busiest time of year, but it can help you be inspired and think of new ideas. Is there a new skill you can learn that will increase your value? Think photoshop, a new language, or attending a leadership workshop. Once you’ve picked 2-3 skills you want to learn, create a realistic and measurable plan to do so. Whether it’s listening to a podcast or watching a webinar once a week having a plan in place will help you stay on track when your schedule gets busy.

Having a mentor is a vital part of professional success. They should be an unbiased source of rich information, and their personal and professional goals should align with your own. Mentors help you stay on track for your desired career path and are the perfect people to be inspired by. When facing a crossroads or major career decision it’s beneficial to have someone you trust to turn to for advice or just to help you way the pros and cons.