Why You Should Keep Your Social Media Active During the Era of the Coronavirus

social media during the era of the coronavirus

During these trying times, many businesses are wondering if it is appropriate to continue typical social media posting, or are even cutting these services altogether. When it comes to social media during the era of the coronavirus, the landscape is shifting and tactics should change, but one thing must remain the same: consistency.  

In the world of social media, consistency is key. In terms of posting times, content, voice, and channels, it is essential to continue building your social media presence. Since we are all navigating this crisis together, we wanted to explain the three most important reasons why you should keep your social media active, even now. 


Social media usage is spiking 

Since many people are staying home, social media usage is seeing a spike. A study from Obviously found a 76% increase in daily accumulated likes on Instagram ad posts during the first two weeks of March, and a 27% jump in engagement on TikTok. With so much more engagement on social media comes more eyes on your content, and an increase in brand awareness. 


It keeps you in the social cycle 

If you let your social media channels die, you will not only be losing out on great exposure for your brand, but you’ll lose your current audiences.  If you stop consistent posting, you will be pushed out of the ranking algorithms. Most platforms have algorithms that choose which profiles to promote, and which ones to hide. Generally, the algorithms push non-active profiles to the bottom. If you stop posting all together and start again in a few months, you will have a really hard time getting back in what is called the ‘social cycle.’ However, if you simply lower the amount that you’re posting but keep it consistent (say, reduce daily posting to 3x a week), you will stay in the social cycle and will be able to more easily increase your presence once you have the money and resources. 


It drives traffic to your website 

For most businesses, everything right now is online, including your goods and services. Through a strong social media presence, you will be able to drive traffic to your website easily. In turn, this will directly translate your engagement to sales. For now, switch your traditional marketing to digital efforts to perfect your online presence. Plus, strong social media directly correlates with your SEO ranking. Search engines take into account your social media activity when deciding which websites to show. Keeping your pages active show that you are a legitimate business and will push your ranking high. 


Ultimately, when it comes to social media during the era of the coronavirus, stay consistent. For more help on what kinds of content to post during this time, click here