Women’s History Month: Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs

At BLND, we’ve worked with hundreds of inspiring women. From entrepreneurs to influencers, women are changing the world with new ideas and innovations every day. As a female-founded PR agency, we are proud to work with and amplify the voices of powerful women all around the world. In this blog, we’re showcasing a few of the incredible women we’re currently working with and what they are working on.


Ella Halikas, Model & Entreprenuer 

Ella Halikas is a small-town girl from Walnut Creek, CA turned 2021 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. As a curve model and influencer, Ella has built an online community with the goal of spreading confidence and inclusivity. Not only is she a world-class model, but Ella is also on a mission to share her insights as the “CEO of Confidence,” inspiring women to live confidently, positively and unapologetically. 


Jenneh Rishe, BSN, RN and Founder of The Endometriosis Coalition

Jenneh lives a full and fulfilled life, despite managing multiple chronic illnesses and surviving open-heart surgery. Therefore, her personal experience navigating the healthcare system makes her uniquely qualified to support anyone navigating their imperfect journey. As the founder of The Endometriosis Coalition and author of Part of You, Not all of You, Jenneh focuses on educating and encouraging people suffering from chronic illness, advocating for their needs, and helping us all pivot to a better direction in our lives.


Megan Richardson-Tiernan and Gretchen Tiernan, Co-Founders of Sand Spa

Megan and Gretchen are always Doing the Most. Together, they have created many successful businesses and their personal brand, DTM. One of their thriving businesses is Sand Spa, a modern spa experience to fit the everyday needs of any person. With multiple locations across Southern California, Sand Spa has become a South Bay staple beloved by locals and visitors alike. Above all, Sand Spa makes luxurious self care accessible by offering high-quality services at an affordable price. 


Stephanie Levich, Founder & President of Family Match Consulting

Stephanie is a surrogacy and egg donation consultant as well as an adoptee and grateful IVF mom. For over 20 years, she has worked in the fertility industry helping parents start their families. Her passion for the work grew from the stories she was told of her own parent’s journey to create their family through adoption. Ultimately, it was in-vitro fertilization that helped Stephanie achieve her dream of becoming a mother to her two children. Today, she is in the process of co-authoring a children’s book with Alana Weiss, her best friend of almost 25 years and a mother through IVF. 


Anne Mahlum, Founder of [solidcore]

Anne Mahlum founded [solidcore] in 2013 with the goal of helping as many people as possible create the strongest version of themselves. Today, the company has more than 80 studios in more than 25 states with 800 employees….and counting. Additionally, Anne is an active philanthropist and is the founder and former CEO of Back on My Feet.


Chris & Cathy Coldesina, Co-Founders of Coldesina Designs 

Coldesina Designs is a 3rd generation womenswear design team led by sisters Chris and Cathy Coldesina. The current Coldesina collection is focused on bringing to life a sophisticated resortwear that is inspired by travel and fun! Additionally, the collections center around clean, simple and easy to wear styles from day to night. 


As a female-founded PR agency, we love working with and amplifying the voices of other female leaders. To learn more about our current and previous clients, contact us!