Make a Good First Impression

Graphic design is becoming more and more important in our digitally driven world. Images are powerful in grabbing the attention of users and increasing their engagement with your brand across all social media platforms. Just like when people have their first impressions of you based on the way you dress, consumers make snap judgements about your brand based on how your website looks. If your graphic designs don’t hit these 3 key criteria it may be time to rethink your current branding and opt for an update.

1. Professional – Like we said before, your web design is the first impression new clients, potential employees and the media have of you. Just like how you wouldn’t want to show up to a job interview in a stained and wrinkled shirt, you don’t want a web design that is a mess. On the other hand a good design can instill a sense of trust in your business and show that there is a high standard set for your work. Why wouldn’t people want to work with you after seeing your professional web design?

2. Consistent – Having a great website design is step one. Now step two is making sure this design is consistent throughout your social media platforms. Audiences are much more likely to remember and recognize your brand if the design is the same on everything you do. A consistent design creates a smooth running story of who you are as a business, while brands that can’t decide what design to go with makes it look like their afraid of commitment. Your potential clients are going to ask themselves, “If this business can’t get their own graphic design together, how are they going to be able to help me?”

3. Eye Catching – Because our world is so digitally driven people are constantly being bombarded with images. In order to stand out from the overload, make sure your design is rememberable. This design is giving your company a face and will be the first thing people mentally picture when they think about your brand, which makes it so important that the design is attention grabbing…in a good way. Spending a little more money for an attractive and high quality design does make a difference in drawing people in and establishing that brand recognition that will keep them coming back.