Youtube Channel Help: How To Launch a YouTube Channel


Now, more than ever before, content has become king – in particular video content. With Snapchat, Periscope and YouTube becoming more popular than ever before, companies are seeing the importance of bolstering their video abilities and presence on these newer social media platforms. Recently we launched our own BLND YouTube channel (which we would love for you to subscribe to here!) and along the way we took notes of important tips & tricks that we think are necessary for everyone, both businesses and individuals, to remember when starting their own channel.

1. Have A Plan – If your goal is to post one video a week, consider creating multiple videos ahead of time just in case you aren’t feeling it one week or your schedule goes astray. You’ll also want to make sure that your videos have some kind of recurring theme or structure that your audience will identify with your channel. Make a plan to stay consistent with what and how you post, depending on your content.

2. Stay Trending – To keep your audience engaged on your youtube channel, think about what’s trending. This can mean using memes, certain hashtags, or just relating to certain popular celebrities. Small references to current pop culture things like this will help you stay relevant and ahead of the Youtube world.

3. Stalk A Little – If you’re doubting your ideas, or just unsure of which direction you’d like to go in for your channel it doesn’t hurt to browse the endless list of Youtube stars. They started out just like you and chances are their videos will spark some insight into your own.

4. Lights, Camera… – No seriously, you’re going to need to invest in things like lights and a camera. In addition to interesting and informative content, you want a video post that is clear and well lit. To do this, a high-def camera and lights are highly suggested. If you’re undecided about investing in lighting, filming your videos in a well-lit area is a close alternative.

5. Be YOU – At BLND, it’s hard for us to be anything other than ourselves. Our main goal is to share with the world our own personalities in a highly unique workplace. Plus, sharing your true self is not only more relatable, but more enjoyable for watchers in general! So get out there, press record, and be your most genuine self.