5 Ways To Spice Up Your Next Instagram Giveaway

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Hosting an Instagram giveaway is a great social media marketing tactic to generate more excitement amongst your followers while also increasing overall engagement on your platform. There is no right answer as to what type of Instagram giveaway you should run. Need some help? Here are five fun ideas to get you thinking about what you could choose for your next Instagram giveaway:


Caption-This-Photo Giveaway

This contest is a great way to use unique content while still having fun with your audience. For this caption-based giveaway, ask your followers to comment their best caption on your funny photo. Getting your followers to comment will increase engagement and might even drive new users to your page. 


Follow and Tag Giveaway

This giveaway is often the most used, for a good reason. Typically, follow and tag giveaways are run with brand partnerships, as you’re asking your followers to follow another account and also tag people in the comments. Make sure to find a brand or influencer that resonates well with your Instagram followers, as you will be promoting one another. 


Trivia-Based Giveaway

Build brand love and loyalty with followers by asking them to respond to questions about your brand and show how much they know about your products! Even if people research the answers to secure an entry, they learn about your brand in the process – which is a win-win. 


Tag-A-Friend Giveaway

Ask your followers to tag their friends in the comment section of your post to be entered. This is a great way to share your brand with a wider audience. Each user tagged will be notified about your post, which will likely attract new followers. 


User-Generated Content Giveaway

Encouraging followers to create content for your brand is a great way to generate new content. To secure a contest entry, ask your followers to post pictures or videos of them using your products. This interactive giveaway will ultimately help your brand reach a wider audience, while user-generated content will help your brand build trust and increase engagement.


Some of these giveaway ideas are likely to increase engagement, while others will increase followers. Whichever you choose, this social media marketing tactic is sure to spice up your Instagram page and cultivate more engagement.

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