Social Media Campaigns & What To Learn From Them

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Not all marketing campaigns are created equal. Whether it be in timeliness, messaging, or overall impact to consumers, some brand’s have simply mastered the art of engagement with their customers on social media through their brand’s marketing strategy. Here are some picks from our social media agency for our favorite campaigns, and why exactly each resonated so well with audiences everywhere.



Started in 2017, the “Spotify Wrapped” campaign has been a hit for years. The wrap provides users with a shareable, personalized year-end summary of their most listened to music. The campaign has since evolved to include a wider variety of statistics, but the hype surrounding its release every year has remained. #SpotifyWrapped posts tend to dominate social media feeds every December, and have even become subject to memes.

Why it worked: There’s nothing consumers like more than data that’s tailored to them, especially in a way that feels nostalgic and personal. Spotify’s eye-catching data visualizations of their user’s “Year in Music” require little advertisement on their end. Because of the personalized aspect, it feels unique to consumers, making them want to share every year. Spotify proves year after year that a company can recycle their campaigns – all it takes is a little personalization!



The #LikeAGirl campaign by feminine-hygiene product company Always became a viral success overnight. With over 69,000,000 million views on YouTube and counting, the commercial debuted during the Super Bowl in 20XX. The brand asked everyday women and men: “Since when did the phrase ‘Like a girl’ become a bad thing?”. The campaign was a global phenomenon and has remained a unique branding angle for Always.

Why it worked: This traditional TV advertisement generated a ton of buzz on social media with the simple hashtag #LikeAGirl, showing that campaigns with emotional value can spark wider conversation about your brand and your message. More often than not, people want to see corporations making an effort to combat injustices within their own workplaces. Always did just that by tackling self-confidence issues in adolescent women (a market they cater towards). Campaigns like these build mutual respect between company and consumer, something that every social media agency should aim for.



Coors Light has an infamously marketing strategy on social media – and #CouldUseABeer aligned extremely well with their usual tactics. In April of 2020, the company put out a tweet acknowledging the year’s hardships in light of the pandemic and invited users to reply with why they #CouldUseABeer, promising a free six-pack to all who participated. Coors Light gave away 500,000 beers to customers over a two month period, spreading joy during an otherwise dark time.

Why it worked: Not only are giveaways a genius tactic to garner significant traction to your company’s social media accounts, but Coors Light met the moment by leveraging the pandemic as a way to do something genuinely nice for their customers. The #CouldUseABeer campaign proves to us that timing is everything, and even more so than that, everyone likes free stuff.

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