5 Ways To Influence A Purchase With Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most essential tools for brands to engage with their customers and key influencers in an authentic way. Brands are able to connect directly with their target audience, and share with them what makes their products or services special. However, making a sale by using social media is no easy task. Here are some tips to improve your brand’s  social media marketing strategy to drive conversions.


Break Down Brand Walls

53% of customers say they are likely to buy from brands that are transparent on social media. A popular social media feature that has resonated with consumers is behind-the-scenes Facebook and Instagram stories. Therefore, this intimate look beyond a brands formal social media identity allows consumers to engage with your brand and form meaningful connections. 


Highlight the Value of Your Product  

Consumers often use social media channels to research and learn about products. Take your brand a step further by sharing an infographic or video that does not directly relate to selling your product and its features, but rather highlights your product’s essential role in the tutorial being shared. Multifaceted product placement allows consumers to see the many different ways your product can be useful to them.


Optimize Mobile-friendly Content

With 45% of people increasing their number of purchases from a mobile device since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it is important that your promotional posts make it easy for customers to buy your products. Instagram and Facebook offer shopping tools directly on the platform, so your users don’t even have to leave the app to buy your products. Subsequently, using shoppable posts increases the chances that your audience actually purchases your products.


 Utilize Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers and their opinions carry a lot of weight amongst their large followings. Influencer marketing creates a level of brand credibility that a company cannot attain on its own. The ability to reach a target audience through influencer testimonials results in an organic relationship between brand and consumer. Therefore, consumers are more inclined to purchase products that are deemed worthy by their favorite celebrities. 


Share Exclusive Discounts and Promotions 

An easy way to generate interaction on social media is by engaging with consumers on giveaway and discount posts. Creating exclusive promotional codes and offers for customers drives sales and drives traffic to your profile. It is an easy way to extend your virtual reach and gives users an incentive to continue following your brand. 


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