Must-Have Skills for Every Modern PR Professional

Many think that a Public Relations professional only need to be the organized, good at writing, and know a couple influential people to be successful. PR is quickly evolving however and growing along with the world of digital media and marketing. Not only are PR firms sprouting up all over Los Angeles, New York and other metropolitan areas, but small businesses are starting to see the necessity in hiring one to compete in their chosen industry. PR is many things, but we’ve narrowed down the most important skills any PR pro must possess – how do you match up?

 1. Organization and timeliness

Keeping detailed lists, calendars, and always making your deadlines is an essential part of working in PR and keeping happy clients.

2. Understanding the importance of SEO, Blogging and an updated website

Creating and maintaining a blog is a great way to gain exposure, find potential clients and interact with your current followers. Websites with blogs have much higher SEO rankings, and give customers a reason to revisit the website instead of becoming a one hit wonder. A press page is always essential for companies utilizing a press team as well. You need to share your accomplishments with the world!

3. How to Befriend Influencers and media

Building and maintaining relationships with online bloggers, social media influencers, reporters and editors is one of the most important parts of working in PR. Going the extra mile, making a positive impression, and keeping in contact with those in high places is why many turn to established PR firms.

4. How to Google

If you don’t know how to do something – google it. The internet is an amazing wealth of information and other sources out there waiting to find you.

5. Knowledge of current events and trends

This may be the most important skill PR pros possess, and must constantly work to keep up with. Staying on trend with pitches, product launches and releases is the difference between your story getting picked up and not.