6 Ways to Utilize Instagram Polls

One of Instagram’s newest features, Instagram Poll, gives users the chance to ask their followers questions through a sticker on their Instagram story. It’s important to note that responses to the poll feature are NOT anonymous which adds an element of user engagement that was not available before. Here are six ways to best utilize Instagram polls for your business:

Consumer opinion– The main point of Instagram’s poll feature is to ask questions, so ask your followers anything you want. It’s a great way to see what your engaged followers are interested in. If you are a beauty salon, you could ask your followers which treatment they enjoy the most or what they got last time they were in. A fitness center could ask what machines people are using the most or what they want to see that isn’t available. It is an easy way to see what your followers are liking and what you can improve about your business.

Show attendance– Hosting an event? Holding a class or workshop? Ask your followers if they are planning on attending through the poll sticker. This not only raises awareness about the event but also makes people feel bad for missing out if they aren’t going.

Account advice– Asking your followers what kind of content they want to see is the perfect way to tailor your content based on user response. Giving your followers what they want while staying on brand will increase your engagement and user loyalty. Followers will also feel like you value their opinion and that they have a say in what you do. It shows that you care about what they say and want to provide them what they want to see.

Fun Questions– Have some fun with your followers by asking them to solve riddles or answer jokes. Riddles are engaging and followers will stay to solve them and learn the correct answer. These kinds of polls offer a fun and playful twist to your account and overall brand. It also shows that you aren’t just using polls to gather information, but that you are there to have a little fun which your followers will appreciate.

Predictions– Ask followers what they think you are rolling out next. This could be new menu options at a restaurant, prints in your new clothing collection, or new classes at your yoga studio. This is a fun and engaging way to let followers know what to expect in the future while still providing insight on what your followers are interested in seeing from you.

Data Mining (but on the DL)– By asking questions like ‘Which color wallet do you like better pink or blue?’ or ‘Did you like the shoes in my most recent post, loved them or not for me?’ you can gage what your followers are interested in and how they are responding to your current strategies. You can then use this data to influence future business decisions or how you continue to use social media to promote your business. If your followers lean more towards one color scheme, try incorporating it more often in your feed even f you were only asking about wallets.. The responses can also help determine if you should continue with sponsored posts or ads for other brands.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash